Loft conversion costs – great value loft conversions

Loft conversion costs vary from project to project and will of course depend on the scale of your project

The cost of your loft conversion will depend on your roof structure, the existing available space and whether any alterations need to be made to accommodate the staircase.

There are many factors that will affect your loft conversion costs these include:

  • Property type – the following aspects should be taken into consideration:

    • The size and type of your home
    • The roof type and condition
    • Any plumbing that may need to be relocated
    • Any complications such as chimneys or unusual layouts
  • Type of loft conversion – a basic conversion using VELUX roof windows will be cheaper than a conversion that uses dormers. If the roof is made bigger by a hip to gable conversion, obviously the bigger and more complex the work, the higher the cost. The more complex the layout becomes the more expensive it becomes.

  • Electrics – all loft conversions involve some electrical work – lighting, power sockets, telephone sockets and smoke alarms. The amount of electrical work will depend on the design, size and intended use of the conversion. A mains wired smoke detector is an essential safety item and will be required for your conversion to meet building regulations.

  • Plumbing – the plumbing is an area that can be subject to large variations in terms of cost. Main factors to consider:

    • Are there any existing water tanks that need to be moved?
    • Are you having a new boiler installed?
    • Are you having an en-suite installed?
  • Windows – the number of windows you want to install in your loft space and the chosen size will affect the price of your conversion. VELUX windows come in a wide range sizes and finishes; browse the VELUX website to find the best windows for your individual project.

  • Decorating and flooring – high quality flooring can provide the finishing touch to your loft conversion. Many opt for soft floorings rather than wood to minimise noise. We also can undertake any decorating requirements you may have.

At Cool Loft Conversions we are committed to providing a full service at tremendous value and with the minimum of fuss and interference to your home. We will be very happy to provide written quotations, please contact us today.

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